Accessibility | Tuesday 19th Feb 2019


In keeping with its public-service remit, and its obligations under the DDA, the Tungate Group will ensure that its media is accessible to people who have visual, hearing, motor or cognitive impairments.

Accessibility is a partnership between site producers like the Tungate Group and the creators of the operating system, browser, and specialist assistive technologies which many disabled users employ to allow them, for example, to view websites in easier-to-read colours, with larger fonts, or as spoken text.

As such technologies have become more available and sophisticated, the Tungate Group will:

  • ensure that its media work well with these assistive technologies to ensure an accessible experience for disabled users
  • provide this Accessibility Help site which will guide users in customising their computers (either by explaining the accessibility features of their operating system or browser, or by introducing them to the range of assistive technologies which are available) to provide them with the most accessible web experience, not just for Tungate Group online but all websites

The Tungate Group will also work with those in the wider accessibility community to support the future development of these technologies and the standards that allow all websites to be created to work best with them.

As the Tungate Group focuses more on broadband and multimedia applications, we will increase the amount of our online video which is captioned, signed, or has audio description.

In those instances where the specific accessibility needs of some disabled user groups require us to create new or repurposed editorial content, we will do this, wherever appropriate, so that we become more inclusive to a wider audience online.

Tungate Group online accessibility standards

All Tungate Group online sites must comply with a growing body of Accessibility Standards across commissioning, editorial, design & coding.

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