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Performance Label Solutions

Tungate have been designing and manufacturing high performance labels for industry for over twenty years. During this time, the Company has become recognised as a market leader in the provision of label printing and automatic identification systems, across a wide range of industry sectors, supplying bespoke solutions precisely matched to our customers’ requirements.

Our performance labels are manufactured from 3M™ Performance Label Materials, many of which utilise advanced adhesives and top-coat technology, which our specialist team are able to match with durable thermal transfer ribbons to ensure first time error-free bar code reading and data capture.

In order to fully meet your expectations, we carefully consider a number of performance and application criteria, prior to working with you to select the most appropriate label material for your application.

The table below provides a brief overview of the frequently used materials at Tungate and is intended as an aid to help start your material selection process.


Face material Code Typical Performance Characteristics
White Polyester D85YB -40C 150C 3 5 3 4 3 4 no no yes
Matt White Polyester G61SB -40C 150C  5 3 3 no no yes   
Silver Polyester D84YB -40C 150C  3 3 3 no no yes   
Matt Silver Polyester G62SB -40C 150C  3 3 4 no no yes   
Clear Polyester 7861EH -40C 150C  2 4 2 no no UL   
White Polyester 7871EJ -40C 150C  no no yes 
Matt White Polyester 7874EC -40C 150C no no yes 
Silver Polyester 7872EJ -40C 150C 5 no no yes 
Matt Silver Polyester 7879EJ -40C 150C 5 no no yes 
Clear Polyester 7876EC -40C 150C 4 5 4 no no UL


5=Excellent, 4=Very Good, 3=Good, 2=Fair, 1=Not Recommended


Once we have reviewed your criteria against your application, we can then start to put together your performance label solution. This may involve initial sample sheets for your evaluation, or prototype labels for you to evaluate in the field, all before the preparation of a formal proposal.

Contact us for details of sample sheet or prototype label availability.

Your labels will then be manufactured in our specialist conversion facility in Cheadle to a manufacturing quality system compliant with ISO standards.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem! The table above represents a small selection of frequently used performance label materials.

Contact us for details of our full range or call us by telephone: +44(0)1538 755755 





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