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RFID Products

RFID denotes Radio-Frequency identification.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology provides a quick, flexible and reliable way to electronically detect, track and control a variety of items. RFID systems use radio transmissions to send energy to a transponder (label) which in turn emits a unique identification code back to a data collection reader.The data collected from the transponder can be sent either directly to a host computer through standard interfaces, or it can be stored in a portable reader and up-loaded later to a computer for data processing

Applications for RFID: Applications fall into two principal categories: firstly, short range applications where the reader and tag must be in close proximity such as in access control and secondly, medium to long application, where the distance may be greater such as reading across a distribution centre dock door. Applications can include, Access Control for People and vehicles, Manufacturing automation, Logistics and distribution and retail.

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